We help councils do great things

Local government technology and support to help you be more effective at the little things so you can focus on the big things that matter to your community.

Local government technology and support

What we do

Collaboration with local government

We have developed the elementSERIES product suite specifically to help local government evolve for the better. Our solutions are built with modern technology to solve local government problems, delivered to work closely with all the systems in your environment.

From the outset we have worked collaboratively with local government to ensure our solutions deliver the real outcomes and value that they need.

We are continually refining and enhancing our key solutions, directly based on feedback from our many users and advocates.

Our vision and passion

We understand local government

We understand local government

Our passion for helping local government comes from decades of experience working in and advising local government organisations. We know the challenges, frustrations, constraints and real impact of the local government environment and have embarked on a mission to make it better.

We care about your results

We care about your results

We are proud of the meaningful change and success of our customers have – we care about the results, and we are grateful to have our customers as our strongest advocates.

We build for users

We build for users

The elementSERIES is built using contemporary technologies and techniques – just because most other local government solutions and support are old school isn’t an excuse. Our passion for great design and usability is reflected through everything we do.

Solutions for local government

The elementSERIES product suite was developed to solve complex challenges that are common to all local government. The elementSERIES solutions are based on smart technology that integrates tightly and easily to existing systems within the organisation, complementing what you already have.

All elementSERIES solutions have an intuitive design, can be configured as needed, and provide ongoing access to new features.

Local government specific time, attendance and award interpretation platform that integrates directly to existing local government systems, including ERP and EDRMS platforms.

Just because paper timesheets, leave forms and excel templates are still common, you don’t have to be stuck with them. Shifting from low tech solutions to integrated, fully supported and robust solutions shouldn’t be an unreachable KPI. That’s why we have worked closely with organisations to design and build a solution specifically to address the challenges, needs and wishes local government have around payroll. 

Help your people develop into the team your local government is going to need.

Local governments are complex environments with so many different types of work to be completed on any given day. To perform these roles effectively and legally your people need different skills, qualifications, and certifications. 

elementSTAFF enables you to understand what resources you’ve got, what you are going to need, and how to go about preparing for the future. It is a vital tool to optimise your organisation by making the most of your current resources and helping them with personalised development programs to build their skills and capabilities. 

elementORG is an ERP Integrated Digital Platform to help councils to automate and digitise all of their key processes, forms and customer interactions.

elementORG enables councils to offer a significantly improved quality of service to their customers whilst greatly reducing the resources and effort to deliver those services.